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27 Oct 2016

The late complications of a 50 year old palmar injection trauma with color ink

Injection trauma occur preferably  at  the area of the index finger of non dominant  hand  (1,2). The degree of injury is related to the injection quantity, the substance and the injection pressure. In particular, oil-based liquids lead to tissue necrosis and  infections (amputation rate up to 50%, water-based 0%) (3). Instant hand surgical inspection and debridement are a must in colored injetion trauma. The case illustrated describes the long term complications of  a conservative  treated  palm  injection trauma with color […]

12 Oct 2016
15 Sep 2016

Lip Augmentation

A video posted by Centrodent Zahnärzte Bern (@centrodent_bern) on Sep 9, 2016 at 4:56am PDT Lip augmentation performed by Dr. Vassilios Papageorgiou in cooperation with the Zahnarzt Bern Centrodent Zahnarzt Zentrum in Bern, Switzerland

27 May 2016

We warmly welcome cryolipolysis

  What is cryolipolysis and how does it work? Cryolipolysis comes from the  Greek words kryos = frost, lipa = fat and lysis = dissolution. It is a therapy that was initially developed for pain management, but found other uses in recent medicine. The local application of cold induces a fat cell apoptosis (“cell suicide”) for approx. 24% of the fat cells. These cells are then metabolized by the body, in particular by the liver, in the following four to […]