Monthly Archives: April 2016

25 Apr 2016

We are online!

We are done and our website is online, finished and complete! Or is it? After going over and over and over it again and again and again, the little, doubtful voice in our heads doesn’t quite want to go away entirely. But at some point we have to say that we are done and we hope you will forgive us if you still do might find a mistake. Or email us info@vassiliospapageorgiou.com .Thank you!

04 Apr 2016

Our website is nearly done

As you can see we are finetuning the very last details of our web presence, although it seems we always find a sentence to improve or a tiny detail to correct. When it is done, our website will offer you a broad overview of our services, my background in plastic surgery and – most importantly – a way to reach us. As we firmly believe that some things are better explained face-to-face, please don’t hesitate to contact us any way […]